About us

Welcome to Munsterlanders in Scotland

We are a group of Large Munsterlander enthusiasts, who put our dogs before our own ‘status’, and who have made an active decision not to be involved in the unhealthy politics which often surround many Clubs and Competitive Canine Activities.
The purpose of this website is to celebrate our Large Munsterlanders and other breeds, to encourage good health screening and breeding practices, to support the owners of our puppies, and to generally share information.
Our ‘Advice Board’ is for you to contact us with any appropriate questions which we will print at our discretion: for each topic we will attempt to find answers from more than one person with experience in that field, therefore showing a varied and unbiased range of opinion.
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We do not intend to have a public ‘blog’ or ‘chatroom’ as all too often, unwise comments on these are made in haste, cause offense and once said cannot be undone even if deleted.
Any advertising on this site will be honest, and any claims made will be provable.
If you like the sound of our principles,and you have any dog related news, achievements or tales that you would like to share please let us know.
Please contact us if you have any ideas about learning and social events, or if there is anything we can do to to help you.
Most of all , enjoy our site and let’s work towards making the world of dogs a happier place!
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