Ellscott Large Munsterlanders

Ellscott Large Munsterlanders

The beginning
My name is Lynda Scott, and I live just outside Edinburgh, where we run a very busy boarding kennel.

We started with Golden Retrievers, and once while showing at SKC, we were in the ring next to the Large Munsterlanders. My daughter and I just fell in love with them. We made enquiries at the show and went home to do a bit of homework, which was not easy as there was no Internet then (to my knowledge anyway). We then met Barbara and Robert Hargreaves when they were showing at Gundog Breeds of Scotland and as we liked her dogs so much, we booked a puppy. That’s how the Munsterlander bug bit us.


Jamie – Ghyllbeck Dama of Ellscott, was our first Munster, the life and soul at home. She absolutely loved life, but hated to go to bed, and would do the “wall of death” around the garden first! She was shown and got her studbook number, but before her full potential was reached she was taken from us, but she is not forgotten.


Sh Ch Ghyllbeck Abercairney of Ellscott  – Solo


Solo came to live with us a year later, and moved in with Jamie. When she went he lived on his own for a short while, then lived with one of our Goldie males, Samson. There was no bother between them ever; they were best of mates to the end. Solo was a gentleman both at home and in the show ring, lovely to live with, and to show. I handled him to many of his RCC’s, but I must thank Jean Robertson and Ann Lennox for their expertise in handling him to his Show Champion title. Although now gone he lives on through his son and he is behind some of the top winning dogs in the breed today.

Then came Symbol – Kylecroft Solostar of Ellscott. She was the “boss” at home and very lightly shown. She lived with three Goldie girls, and bossed them by chewing at their long golden coats. Proof came out the other end!! We never bred from her.

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