Kalabagh Large Munsterlanders

Kalabagh Large Munsterlanders


I was born in Fife, Scotland and moved south to Lancashire before I was a year old. When I was six we emigrated to Sydney, Australia. Due to my mum’s bad health we returned to the UK two years later and spent nine months in Stoke-on-Trent before moving to Ballymena, County Antrim, where we spent two years. We then moved to Dundee where I finished my schooling, got married and had my first two children. I then moved to Leuchars, Lerwick, Aberdeen, Dundee and Kirriemuir before finally ending up where I am now! I think you could safely say I’m well travelled



Chloe – Womiorra Aquihirie

My first doggy memory isn’t a very good one. I was about three years old and was walking our in-season bitch with my mum. She ran across the road and was hit by a milk lorry. Obviously she didn’t survive. Our next dog was a Wire Haired Fox Terrier. I’ve often wondered if he was the reason I can’t look at terriers these days. We had to leave him behind when we emigrated. I didn’t have another dog until I was married. My first Munster was bought as a replacement for the two working Spaniels (the other being a Cavalier King Charles!) Bridie was a dream to live with.




Seska- Celtaur Rainbow Niamh at Kalabagh
She did everything we wanted her to, was friendly with other animals, and children. The only dog she didn’t  like was a bitch that attacked her puppies. They were about a year old, so weren’t really babies any more, but Bridie didn’t like this strange bitch going for her kids and very quickly told her where to go! She would never start a fight, but always came out the boss.


I now have her descendants in Chloe (Womiorra Aquihirie) and Chance (Kalabagh Khepri). I also have a young bitch bred by Tina Williamson (Celtaur Rainbow Niamh at Kalabagh – for those who don’t know Niamh is pronounced Neave). The difference between these three, personality wise, is one of the reasons I love this breed so much. No two are the same, though they still have the Munster personality. I wouldn’t be without one, or two, or three!!!! In fact I’d have more if I could. I can’t see a time that I won’t have at least one in the house.





Seska- Celtaur Rainbow Niamh at Kalabagh

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Chance – Kalabagh Khepri   1 CC


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