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Fay’s Litters

Fay is Nodiwr yr Helwriaeth of Celtaur. KC/BVA HD 6:4. She was tested HC Unaffected before each of her two litters, and I am delighted that she has just been screened again under the KC/BVA Eye Scheme, and remains HC Unaffected at age 10 years and 10 months. I see no need to have her tested again.
LITTER ONE:  ‘S N’ Litter   Born June 13th 2002.  Our first Large Munsterlander litter since 1989
Sired by Kalevalley Sololad of Ellscott [Caber]  KC/BVA HD 6:2   Last KC/BVA HC Unaffected Eye Certificate issued October 2005 when he was 9 years old.
The boys out numbered the girls again, and two dogs remain here  Celtaur Storm Nimbus [Harley] & Celtaur Summer Night [Yeolus]  They get along incredibly well, live together all the time and although I would never recommend anyone to keep litter brothers I think it works for us because their personalities are so different. Harley is Boss, will stand on his toes and ‘rumble’ but has NEVER taken it any further. Yeolus is so laid back he is horizontal, and never challenges his brother’s position ..just looks up at him and says .. ‘ok ..whatever ‘
Initially I kept Harley to show but he really is too heavy in his front construction and not typical in head. However he belongs here and will never go anywhere else. I love his bold, honest character.
Yeolus has turned out to be the better show dog, now retired after achieving his Stud Book Number .. and such a Mummy’s boy as anyone who has tried to hang on to him at a show when I have needed to ‘pop to the ladies’ will testify. He unbenched himself at East of England Show on one occasion, working his way out of a collar that was so close fitting I could not get my hand through, and came to find me in the ring where I was showing his sister.
His other trick is to lean over the edge of the bench, if I am a few feet away from him, pick up my big show bag in his teeth and lift it up beside him to lay his head on!
Celtaur Storm Nimbus  – Harley  …………… and inspecting the new Gordon arrival, Gael
Celtaur Summer Night -Yeolus doing the show bit  …and brother Rafferty at home waiting for me to throw the frisbee
Celtaur Stille Nacht [Rafferty] completes our trio of Munster boys. He went to a lovely couple as a baby pup, who unfortunately split up. Subsequently he was passed around several of their  family members, and eventually to a new home. Munsters just don’t tolerate this kind of instability, and what a sad confused boy he became, showing his distress by becoming very defensive, possessive and over protective.  3 years ago, I brought him home not knowing how much of a problem he was going to continue to be.
He got out of the car, rolled on his back with all 4 legs in the air for his Mum and 2 brothers to inspect him ..and has never put a paw out of place since !!  Clearly he did not want to be a leader dog, and finds security in being halfway down our pack hierachy. He is a sweet boy, and I wouldn’t dream of upsetting him again, so he is here to stay.
3 boys from one litter in our household is enough I think!!
LITTER TWO:  ‘R N’ Litter Born October 22nd 2004
Sired by Champion Ghyllbeck Rallus  KC/BVA HD 5:13    KC/BVA HC Unaffected
Once again more boys than girls. Of the girls 1 was pre-booked, one was a tricolour, and the 3rd was a little scrap of a pup.
I ran on the little white girl for a while as I don’t let pups go off to new homes unless I am certain they are 100% robust and ready to go. My daughter , Eve, likened her to a pretty china doll, hence the name ‘China’ stuck. As she grew on I decided that I really liked her, and guess what …she is still here!
She loves her days out with me, showing, and gave Eve her first experiences of being dragged round a show ring by a lively Munster! At home she is sweetness itself and ‘butter wouldn’t melt’….
She has achieved her Stud Book Number this year , but unfortunately China’s hip score is 16:25, so of course she will never be bred from.
Celtaur Ruby Necklace -China- with Eve at Dundee Open Show, and with me at Driffield Champ Show 2008
Also, lightly shown, from this litter are:
Celtaur Riley Nine mit Clemansall  – ‘Riley’                        and   Celtaur Rainbow Niamh at Kalabagh  – ‘Seska’
owned by Sandra Cheshire                                                            owned by Linda Williamson
In companion homes …
Celtaur Rugged North – ‘Geallachus’                                                               Celtaur River Nethy – ‘Thayer’
owned by Seonaid Rae                                                                                      owned by Tara & Zach Veitch
And our two unregistered ‘Tricolours’!


Mr Finn  –  owned by the Grudzien Family                           and    Miss Molly  –  owned by Val & Roger Perman

Fay’s  Grandchildren

For me breeding is a great pleasure when puppies are settled with their new owners, become the ‘best dog’ they have ever owned, and stay with their new families for life. We have made many lifelong friends through our pups.
It is also a huge responsibility, and sadly, even with our early ‘vetting’ system not every home works out as hoped. People’s circumstances do change, and occasionally a dog comes back through no fault of it’s own.
My ‘SN ‘ Litter could have been rechristened the ‘bouncing litter’. In 2004 I was asked to take back a bitch from a person who professed to have a genuine interest in the breed, but in all sent 2 of her Munsters back to their breeders,
and resold 2 others who then developed problems and were further rehomed by Breed Rescue.
I consider myself fortunate that Chloe [Celtaur Sea Nymph of Regencypark] came home to me, as the day following her return, the police turned up on her previous owners doorstep to ‘apprehend’, her for chasing sheep …as most dogs will if allowed to escape and run out of control. The same as when I brought Raffy home, I did not know how much remedial work would be required, but I was lucky to have a neighbour with a small flock on an enclosed area who allowed me to walk Chloe along side them during the rehabilitation process. She soon learnt that this behaviour was a complete NO NO, without any harsh training methods I might add .. a credit to her basically good character.
Fay and Chloe were not best pals! Too alike in many ways, and Fay did not appreciate a mature daughter coming back in to the household, particularly a hormonal one who had irregular seasons. A family who had lost an elderly Munster bitch asked if they could take her on, and although I was reluctant to move her on again I decided that was a better option than having her relegated to being a kennel dog here .. she deserved better than that!!
As I was not going to breed from China we decided to attempt one litter from Chloe to carry on Fay’s female line. Sometimes fate plays a hand ..what stunners they have turned out to be!
CELTAUR ‘AS’ LITTER:  Born June22nd 2007  Sired by Ghyllbeck Acidaspis [Flint]
Following hot on the heels of Chevy the Gordon Setter who achieved his Junior Warrant in April, this litter has catapaulted ‘Celtaur’ into a different league in the show ring throughout 2008.
5 have qualified for Crufts, 2 have been Best Puppy in Breed at General Champ Shows throughout the season, 1 Best Puppy at the Breed Champ Show, 3 have  won Reserve Challenge Certificates, and 1 has also gained her Junior Warrant too.
What a breath taking year! My thanks to all the owners who have campaigned these ‘stars’
Lorraine & Simon’s  Celtaur Atlantic Seal  – Noodle                   Pat’s  Celtaur Artful Sphinx  – Tweed  Handled by Hannagh
Junior Warrant    2 Reserve  CC’s                                                          Qualified for Crufts 2009
Pat’s Celtaur Antique Silver – Flikka
1 Reserve CC
And just as highly prized in their companion homes;
Eleanor’s  Celtaur Alpine Swift  – Penny                                   John & Sue’s  Celtaur Aegean Sea  –  Dylan
Surveying her Kingdom                                                                     As an adorable puppy
Barbara’s Celtaur Amber Squirrel at Ghyllbeck             Paulyne & Alan’s Celtaur African Swallow at Palangor
Qualified for Crufts 2009                                                2 Res CC;s

We are all having a well earned Winter Break now, and looking forward to 2009.


To tell the story of Fay’s next grandchildren I have to back track to 2003. I wanted a bitch as a future wife for Fay’s son Yeolus, and to enhance the Munsterlander bloodlines in the UK. After months of waiting to satisfy the Pet Passport requirements, our beautiful Danish import Cherie med Celtaur arrived. She was the most gentle soul and slotted straight into our family getting along with everyone. During the next year she was shown lightly, and had all her health screens in preparation for becoming a mum. At her 2nd birthday I decided she was not yet mature enough to be mated and that I would delay for another six months. Just as she was approaching her next due season she became unwell, not eating, lethargic and pale gums. We were devastated when the vet’s blood tests showed that she was very seriously ill with auto immune haemolytic anaemia – the trigger may have been her booster vaccination. We fought for 8 weeks of intensive treatment to save her life, and lost the battle in December 2005 when she was just two and a half. A very special girl, with us for such a short time, and who never realised her true potential, Cherie will never be forgotten and holds her rightful place now in our roll of honour.

I did not think that I could face the trauma of importing another bitch after this awful experience. Then at the end of 2006 my good friend Lynda Scott had an AI litter with semen imported from International Champion Dixon Ciperro. And the whirlwind Onyx arrived!! She could not be more different to Cherie, is a complete tomboy and lives life at full gallop.



Looking ladylike – she thinks!!

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