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Celtaur Gordon Setters Today

In September 1999 I realised a desire that I had held for 20 years, when we moved to Scotland. The only place on this planet that has ever truly felt to me like home.
We arrived with our remaining 4 family dogs, 3 Gordon Setters, Tiffany, Clyde and Ceilidh, plus Fay Large Munsterlander.
By 1999 so many of the oldies were back ‘running with the ancestors’ , but while they remain in my memory and live on through the current generations they will never truly leave us.

Celtaur ‘Sixth’ Generation:

LEIA’S LITTER; Bred by Sandra Cheshire Born 0ctober 9th 2000 Sired by Panmure Black Zulu [Geordie]
Sandra & I decided to inject something different into our lines. Geordie was a wonderful ‘working’ Gordon, who spent his life grouse counting in Scotland and North Wales / Northern England. The litter had only one bitch who was pre-booked by a lady who had had Tiffany’s litter sister. So Sandra and I both kept boys, and another litter brother went out to South Africa to join Purdey with Doug Robinson.
Sandra with Leia [Celtaur Bandruidh] and Connor [Clemansall Grand Mof Tarkin] on holiday with us in Scotland.
I brought home Fergus -Clemansall Phantom Menace of Celtaur, another aptly named Gordon! Fergus is so different to any Gordon I have ever owned before, no doubt due to the ‘working’ element in his breeding.
He has all of the usual Gordon Setter comedy traits but takes them one step further, the Gordon ‘lean on you behind the knees’ which when it catches you right, takes your legs from under you and  ‘the stand on your head and forward roll in public’ party tricks he has honed to perfection. He has added a few of his own too ..his best to date being ‘fly past visitors left ear over 5 bar gate like a black & tan arrow, Harley Davidson motorbike wheelie turn when I shout at him to COME BACK, and repeat performance over gate past their right ear on the way back.!!!
He is the only Gordon Setter I have ever had who will ‘heel’ reliably off lead, drop to the ground like a stone to whistle and hand signal, but has a turn of speed like nothing I have ever seen.
Needless to say when people visit to see ‘what a Gordon Setter is like I get one of two reactions ..either ”Isn’t he fabulous!!”  or ”OhmiGOD, I COULD NEVER COPE WITH ONE LIKE THAT !!!”
Fergus – Clemansall Phantom Menace of Celtaur
Doesn’t stand still for very long ………………………………….and a moment chilling with Rafferty after a run

Celtaur ‘Seventh’ Generation

With no bitches to carry on the ‘Celtaur’ line , I decided to buy in a ‘wife’ of completely different pedigree for Fergus.
Gael – Lochfain Native Allure at Celtaur duly arrived in May 2003, courtesy of Anna Weir. She has become a valued member of our family, a real sweetie, although she looks down her aristocratic nose at the Munsterlanders. Gael is a real home body,  loves her grub, her toys, her cuddles and her bit of the sofa, she would rather chase leaves and butterflies than birds.

Gael -aren’t I cute?



….and growing up into a pretty girl

Gael’s Litters:

LITTER ONE:  Born August 28th 2005  Sired by Clemansall Phantom Menace of Celtaur [Fergus]

Kept a bitch in an informal partnership. She lives with Pat McCutcheon whose name she is in. Sona – Celtaur Camanach has many of her Dad’s personality characteristics, including not thinking much of the show ring. Her pet name ‘Sona’ means ‘happy’ and she is a happy ,bright  little bitch. She has produced a litter for Pat’s Fluich Gordon Setter affix this year and we look forward to seeing her pups out and about.


Sona  –  Celtaur Camanach


LITTER TWO:  Born November 11th 2006  Sired by Bryerdale Hijacker of Palangor [Henry]

For this litter I was looking for traditional lines to blend back with my old dogs pedigrees. We came up with Henry, a dear chap, who is owned by Paulyne Horsfield & Alan Smith.

Paulyne & Alan have been ‘Gordon ‘ enthusiasts since the 1980’s, shown lightly and always had much loved setters at home from the late Carol Laurie’s ‘Carorae’ lines. So many of the folk who were active when we first came into the breed are now long gone, and with them a wealth of knowledge and some wonderful dogs.

Henry  & Gael have produced my most successful ‘show’ litter to date.
Pick of the boys, Celtaur Bealtuinn of Palangor [Chevy] went home with Paulyne & Alan, and is such a handsome boy. He achieved his Junior Warrant in April 2008, a first for Celtaur, and thrilling all of us!  Mind you, I think Paulyne has nearly packed his case back to Scotland a few times. He is affectionately known as ‘the hoody’.
After the Carorae ‘laid’ back characters that Paulyne has always lived with I think she finds Chevy’s ‘Celtaur’ exuberance something of a shock!  However he could not be more loved, and we are all very proud of him.
Chevy – Celtaur  Bealtuinn  of Palangor     1 year old
Chevy’s litter sister, Pagan [Celtaur Alban Elfed] remains at home with us,and is being sympathetically handled in the show ring by my daughter Eve. Pagan is her first ‘proper’ show dog and it’s lovely to see them getting on so well together. They were at Crufts 2008, and have qualified again this year for 2009.
I hope to mate Pagan and Fergus early summer 2009  — watch this space for the future!
Eve with Pagan after their class at SKC Champ Show
……………  and Pagan relaxing at home

February 2009:   I am delighted that Pagan’s  Hip Score has come back as 3:5

2010  a year of extreme highs [our best show year ever in both breeds] and lows.

Sandra and I both lost litter brothers Connor & Fergus a month apart to the day,November and December 13th respectively.

However 2011 starts more optimistically with new puppies just born on February 26th to Pagan and Yeats[ a Fergus grandson out of Pat’s Sona] The first pup was born in Fergus empty bed .. is he trying to tell me something?? Time will tell!

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