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‘Our Dogs’  Large Munsterlander Top Sire 2009

‘Yeolus’ Celtaur Summer Night  – Born 13-06-02

Sire:  Kalevalley Sololad of Ellscott             Dam: Nodiwr yr Helwriaeth of Celtaur
HEALTH SCREENED under the following KC / BVA schemes.
KC/BVA  HD 3:3        KC/BVA  ED 0     KC/BVA  HC  Unaffected

DNA Tested for HYPERURICOSURIA [HU]  Yeolus is NORMAL and therefore does not carry the gene identified as causing HU

Yeolus’ litter brothers and sisters have the following health screening results:

Celtaur Stille Nacht KC/BVA  HD  3:5 Not tested Not tested
Celtaur Storm Nimbus KC/BVA  HD  O:2 KC/BVA  ED  2 KC/BVA  HC  Unaffected
Celtaur Sapphire Nemesis KC/BVA  HD  4:4 Not tested Not tested
Celtaur Sea Nymph KC/BVA  HD  4:4 Not tested KC/BVA  HC  Unaffected
Celtaur Sweet Nightingale KC/BVA  HD  4:3 Not tested Not tested


Yeolus’ progeny results to date:  More will be added as I receive them, whether favourable or not.

1. Litter out of Ghyllbeck Rasbora of Ellscott [DNA test result HU normal] therefore all of this litter are genetically clear of HU

Ellscott  Spring Commander             KC/BVA  HD  5:3      KC/BVA  ED  0       KC/BVA  HC  Unaffected
Ellscott  Spring Equinox                    KC/BVA  HD  3:4      Not tested               KC/BVA  HC  Unaffected
Ellscott  Springtime                           KC/BVA  HD  6:4      KC/BVA  ED  0       KC/BVA  HC  Unaffected

2. Litter out of Freya at Ichbin [imp SWE] [DNA test result HU Carrier] therefore none of this litter are affected but some are likely to be carriers and should be screened before breeding further]

Ichbin Your Magician                         KC/BVA  HD   5:3     KC/BVA  ED  1      KC/BVA  HC  Unaffected
Ichbin Your Minstrel                          KC/BVA  HD   6:2     KC/BVA  ED  0      KC/BVA  HC   Unaffected
Ichbin Your Moonshine                     Not  tested                Not tested             KC/BVA  HC   Unaffected
Ichbin Your Moonlight ** Kaia         Not tested                 KC/BVA  ED 1       Not tested
** despite having a ‘respectable ‘ elbow score. one elbow actually scores 0 while the other scores 1, this little bitch has problems with intermittent lameness and has just been diagnosed with ‘bilateral medial compartment disease’
This obviously raises questions re: the elbow screening scheme and how we move forward to reduce the incidences of such cases in our breed. Kaia is not the only Large Munsterlander that this has happened to, but her owner, and her breeder have both very kindly given me consent to use her as an example.
I am currently researching veterinary papers, and I will shortly be adding more information about ‘elbows’ to this website.
If anyone has anything that they would like to contribute on this subject please contact me.  Thank you,   Tina.

3. Litter out of Ellscott Glen Lochy [AI] at Celtaur [DNA test result HU normal] therefore all of this litter are genetically clear of HU]

Celtaur Spirit Glen              KC/BVA HC Unaffected  Hip and elbow results will be added when he has been x-rayed
Celtaur Speckled Garnet   KC/BVA HC Uhaffected  Hip and elbow results will be added when she is x-rayed

Please address any queries  about Yeolus or his family to Tina Williamson; [email protected]

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