Scroll down our Show Section to see:

1. New Show Champion Ellscott Glen Prosen illa Ghyllbeck

2. Linda Williamson & Chance [Kalabagh Khepri] at the LMC Champ Show 2008.

3. My Celtaur Boys … by Paulyne Horsfield


Select  Work to find:

1. Nelke’s Obedience Competiton Debut  ….    by Elaine Baker

0bedience may not be ‘work’ in the traditional Gundog sense, but shows how verstile the Large Munsterlander is at turning it’s paw to any Activity at a competent level.

Go to Dog Tails to see:

1. Molly the Tricolour Munsterlander

2. Sisterly Love

3. Being ‘owned’ by a Gordon Setter   ….  by Pat McCutcheon

4. Essex Boys in the Snow

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