1. Show Champion Ellscott Glen Prosen Illa Ghyllbeck (AI)

Date of Birth: 20th September 2006

Bred by Lynda Scott       Owned by Robert Hargreaves

In May at SKC under gundog specialist Moray Armstrong,
Ellscott Glen Prosen Illa Ghyllbeck won her puppy class, going Best Puppy In Breed by beating her brother, and then she went on to set a NEW BREED RECORD by taking the Bitch CC at the tender age of 7 3/4 months, & all this at her very first show.



Helga has continued her success after SKC
by being awarded Best Puppy In Breed at
Windsor under gundog specialist Meriel Hathaway,
Paignton under gundog specialist Freda Marshall,
East of England under Gordon Williams,
Leeds under breed specialist Helen Salmon
National Gundog under Josie Baddeley.
WKC under Margaret Holmes
SKC under gundog specialist Christine McDonald
Richmond under all rounder Brenda Banbury
Darlington under Fiona Coward-Scholes
& Driffield under Jane Cule





At Manchester Championship Show 2008 Helga took Reserve Best Bitch

Crufts sees Helga win the junior bitch class.
At Blackpool Championship Show Helga gained her 2nd CC’, then went on to take Best of Breed under breed specialist Annette Hewitt.


At Birmingham City Helga took the RBCC under Jose Baddeley.


At Darlington Championship Show Helga gained her 3rd CC then went on to take Best of Breed under Ann Moss.
This we believe makes Helga the first UK LM produced by AI to gain Show Champion status, setting yet another new breed record.


Helga continued her winning ways at Driffield by taking the BCC under breed specialist Pat McCutcheon




Linda Williamson’s great day out at:

The Large Munsterlander Club Championship Show 2008


Linda & Chance – Kalabagh Khepri -waiting for the photographer after winning the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best in Show












Photo Denman

Chevy –  Celtaur Bealtuinn of Palangor  –  Junior Warrant

Our Chevy, what can I say. Firstly he is our most successful show Gordon in over 20 years, secondly he is different, let me explain. We live in north Essex and life was peaceful. We had 5 gordons ages 13 years to 7 years and 1 large munsterlander and we had all “gelled” It had taken 5 years to come to an understanding with Indie our LM but life was a routine of walks, food and finding a comfortable armchair. Then out of the blue I heard from Tina who I had known since our early days in Gordons. She wanted to use our Henry, a delightful old boy who was then 11 yrs old whose lines are old fashioned English on both sides. Henry had been used as a young lad and produced 2 litters but many a sun had risen and set since then. Not sure whether he would “rise” to the occasion we agreed to try, he took one look at Gael his ears met on top of his head dug deep into his memories and a litter of 7 beautiful puppies were born. There was no doubt in my mind I was going to have a Henry baby show quality or not. Tina emailed me lots of photos and Chevy was the one so just after Christmas 2006 we travelled to Scotland so I could see all my “grandchildren” before they went to their new homes, and to bring Chevy home, This is where the story changes. I had forgotten how much disruption, havoc and hard work pups are, the cats took one look and disappeared upstairs, the Gordons looked at me as if I had gone mad, Henry acted as if it was nothing to do with him but dear old Indie our LM who I had many a battle with over the years came to my aid and took him under his wing. We went to training classes Chevy got his bronze certificate and we got into a comfortable routine. Then I had my maddest idea in my 63 yrs.  Tina had bred a litter of LM and of course I had seen photos and there was this beautiful boy so Merlin joined us there starts your worst nightmare!!!!

Merlin has also been very successful in the show ring but with only 7 months difference in age together they are unbelievably naughty. If asbos were given to dogs they would certainly qualify, my consumption of clear liquid has trebled, my voice is hoarse , Indie has gone back to being a rebel and my garden has been destroyed. I do not remember any of my other dogs being like this, is it because I am older?  Or is it because they came from north of the border and this is the Scottish revenge on us Sassenachs? Would I be without them NO, Would I do things differently NO

Am I insane YES                                                                Paulyne Horsfield




Merlin  –  Celtaur African Swallow of Palangor  –  2 Reserve Challenge Certificates

Photo courtesy of Simon Halls

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