Ellscott Glen Gelder mit Estmarza       ‘Nelke’

On October 5th Nelke won her first Novice obedience class.  She did it with great style and confidence and along with two 2nd places in the recent weeks it was a very satisfying end of her first obedience season.

Nelke is my second Munsterlander she joined Heide, my first Munster now aged 6 years.  Heide and I had worked our way very successfully upwards in obedience competitions and I felt that the time was right for another dog.  So along came Nelke, a very different dog in many ways.  Heide is a thinker, you can see her trying to ‘read’ me to understand what I want, Nelke is an action dog, a bit of a ‘bull in a china shop’ with huge personality.  I have owned and trained Irish Setters for over 30 years but once again just when I thought I knew a bit about this dog training game along comes the next dog to teach me a whole new set of lessons!!

Nelke tried her first show at the beginning of this season in April and had an exciting start when she was awarded a judges special, although I think this was more for entertainment value rather than the quality of work. However she went on to achieve some places at the next few shows.  Then in true Nelke style she lost the plot big time and mid season nothing was going right. So it was back to basics, she had already shown that she had great style but still being very young had her views on when to co-operate, or not!! I have a stubborn streak too, maybe inherited from my Irish Setters, so I persisted with the play and training in equal measure.  I learned to laugh at the mistakes, smile and do it again, with time and maturity Nelke put the pieces back together.  She gained a second place and two weeks later turned in a cracking round to win her first Novice class!  That’s Nelke all or nothing,’ when she’s good she’s very, very good and when she’s bad she’s ******’.

Lots of important things learned, some by Nelke but mostly by me!  Just when we think we know dogs and how to live with them along comes the next one with a whole new combination of behaviours and its own very special personality.  Nelke certainly has personality and still has plenty of surprises to spring on me but together we are enjoying the challenge ……..I think!





Thank you Elaine for this article; We at munsterlanders in scotland think that you are both ‘stars’

Most of us with Munsterlanders know how ‘challenging’ some of them can be at times, but they have something special about them. The up side is that when it all comes together, the tears and frustration fly out of the window, and the success is all the sweeter!  We are proud of you!

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