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Molly the TRICOLOUR Munsterlander

I am just as proud of our dogs who become well adjusted, valued family companions, as I am of those who achieve show and working accolades.

Molly is a ‘Celtaur’ but she is not registered with the Kennel Club as she is not black and white .. she is a tricolour.

I knew of, and had seen brown Large Munsterlanders before Molly’s litter were born, but I had never met a tricolour & white with orangey brown flecks on the muzzle and lower legs [just the same way that a tricolur English Setter is marked]
Browns are not particularly uncommon, not surprising really as the breed is founded on the separation of the black & white and brown & white German Longhaired Pointer into 2 distinct breeds .. the Black & Whites becoming the Large Munsterlander. Black & White Large Munsterlanders who carry the recessive brown gene from the Long Haired Pointer forebears, have always produced brown and whites fron time to time ..although these are not generally registered.
The Large Munsterlander breed Standard states that it must be black & white, therefore brown and white ‘Munsterlanders’ cannot be exhibited.  The Kennel Club WOULD actually register them as ‘non standard’ colour, but breeders who are also Large Munsterlander Club MEMBERS, agree to abide by the LM Club rule which states that to register a mis-coloured puppy [ie any that is not black & white] is conduct considered injurious to the Club .. and would be subject to disciplinary action.
The wisdom or otherwise of this rule is not under discussion here, just a statement of fact.
While watching the 3 girls in Molly’s litter grow up it became apparent at around 4 weeks old that one always looked as though it had mucky legs ..and initially I thought ‘WHAT has she been digging in??’ The brown spots did not wash off ! They just kept getting bigger and more ‘defined’, and by 5 weeks old the ‘light bulb’ moment  had occurred and we realised that Molly was a TRICOLOUR, and so is Finn her litter brother!  You can imagine how many times we went over the rest of the black & white litter with a fine tooth comb, searching for tell tale brown hairs, before the registration application went off.
When Val & Roger came to look at the puppies they did not care about her colour, they just liked HER. Molly went happily off to Bearsden with Val, Roger and their other dog, the long suffering Tiger. Poor Tiger .. such a gentleman….he probably doesn’t know to this day what hit him when Molly arrived!
Molly & Tiger      ”I want you to play with me NOW”                    Grown up to be ‘Best Pals’
In true Munster style Molly has given Val & Roger a few challenges along the way, like her Mum -Fay– she wants her own way and thinks she knows best. I don’t think Val quite believes me when I tell her that Molly is not [quite] as vocal or bossy as her Mum. They have persevered and last year Molly won the Cup at Bearsden Dog Training Club for being their ‘Dog of the Year’   Val says it is ‘nothing’ as it is just a small Club. I say a HUGE WELL DONE and you should be proud that all of your hard work training this sometimes wayward little Miss has paid off.  There are many other Munster owners who know ‘how it feels’ and you are a great example to us all.
Bearsden Dog Training Club Best Dog 2007 dog training essex
And enjoying the best of life with her family.
In the Lake District ..  and in the Loch
My thanks to Val & Roger for being model dog owners, and to Tiger and Molly for being model dogs….    well…apart from the one with a few brown spots!

Tina Williamson.

2.                                                       Sisterly Love

Sisters Seska & Shakira meeting up with their owners, Linda & Sonia for a walk and get-together.




3.      Owning a Celtaur Gordon Setter…..more like being owned by one!!

I have owned/been around dogs since I was knee high to a grass hopper, but have to admit you don’t own a Celtaur Gordon Setter, you are owned by them. Never before has this happened to me,  but now it has !

This Gordon came home totally out of the blue, as I went up to Scotland to work, to be greeted by this bundle tanking round after it’s mother without a care in the world. It was meant to be a boy I was looking after not a girl, but fate showed its hand that day.

Tina said live with her for week, if when I come home you still want her we’ll talk. After living with her for a week, (as the breeder suggested) and being constantly stared at, (as the breeder said I would be) home she came. She was called Happy in the litter, well I like different names but no way was I calling her Happy, however happy it is, only in Gaelic. Sona is 97% of the time lives up to that name and is very happy.

Sona is both sensitive and hard in equal measures, but above all devoted to me. (Ask her breeder)

As a youngster she banged into the steel water barrel and had a bump the size of a golf ball, did it bother her – no. Did it make her cry out in pain – no. Did she want sympathy – no. Sona just wanted to get on with running around.

I had noticed she was getting thinner, but still eating, when she stopped eating we went to the vet. She had tonsillitis and had had for weeks he thought, but showed no signs what so ever until her throat was that bad she couldn’t eat at all. Again no sign of pain or anything, didn’t want sympathy just wanted to get on with life.

Tina and I picked a stud dog for her, did she want him NO…………… Result no pups.

Finally chose a stud herself, on her next season, never even saw the mating!!!! She was the most caring mum, but she had control over those pups, they were one of the easiest litters I have ever raised. If they stepped out of line I didn’t have to tell them off she did.

I tell Tina they broke the mould when she was created, never have I had a bitch that reacts the way she does.

To say she is devoted to me, you wouldn’t know it, she isn’t one for cuddles, and she loves being outdoors and chasing paper and butterflies, but has the working element there that she uses when out, her points are special but fleeting. She is also one of the best movers I have seen, when free running you see it at it’s, best she eats up the ground and never tires at all. Her devotion is the way she runs the pack, the way she looks at you, the way she has the ability to make you feel guilty because tea was late, she is one in a million and who will make old bones here, reason being, she would not be happy living with anybody else. (Ask her Tina who had her stay for 3 weeks)

She is something else and you have to understand her to love her and to own her…….but you don’t own her………….. She owns you. That is one of the many little things which makes her very very special.

Tina temperament tests all hers and times I have screamed she isn’t A, B or C. Now she is an adult and I take it all back she exactly as described on that test. I was so blown away by the testing I now do it myself on my pups.

Pat McCutcheon                          



4.                                    Essex Boys in the Snow!


Unbelievably most of the snow has bypassed us so far in this area of Scotland. Thank you Paulyne for sending us this photo of Chevy, Merlin and Indie enjoying an unprecedented amount of the ‘white stuff’ in Essex

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